How big will i get?

Here are Skenasdoodles we only use the Standard Poodle in our breeding programme.

We expect our F1 Bernedoodles to reach approximately 25 inches to the shoulder as adults.  Their adult weight will vary between litters and male/female puppies but we will expect them to reach approximately 35-45 kilos. 

This is of course only a guide....

What happens when you cross a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle?

The creation of a truely wonderful addition to any family thats what!​​

How much exercise do i need?

Bernedoodles are considered large breed dogs, their growth plates do not close fully until they are 18 months of age which means all exercise should be done in moderation until after this time.  

5 mins of lead walking for every month of their age should be monitored daily until they reach adulthood to ensure that unnecessary pressure is not applied to growing joints.

The Bernedoodle really is the most loving, smart & loyal goof ball.  Perfect for families of all ages as they love pretty much everyone and everything...

As with many doodles they are not happy to be left alone for long periods of time, they adore their family members and want to spend as much time as possible with them!

They can be very easy to train but will equally push boundaries when owners are not cosistent in their training schedule.  They respond exceptionally well to positive reinforcement training.

They are an intelligent breed, can be a little stubborn at times but are genuingly at their happiest when they are pleasing their family.

Bernedoodles are very playful, they will need moderate exercise on a daily basis but also love to chill out at home with the famiy on the sofa.

Home grooming is a necessity on a regular basis, their coats will need professional grooming too, how often will be dependent upon how long their owner would like to keep their coat but you should plan to visit the groomer every 6-10 weeks in order to keep coat in fantastic condition and clip.​​

Why a Bernedoodle?