​is our four year old home bred standard Apricot poodle who carries the chocolate & phantom genes

Hip score 4/6=10

Hereditary  'clear' for prcd-PRA, vWD1, DM, NEwS

BVA eye tested 'clear' 

Skenasdoodles' stud dogs


is our two year old Bernese Mountain Dog

Hip scores 2/3=5
Elbow score 0/0=0

Digby has tested 'clear' for all 183 breed genetic conditions currently tested by Embark in Boston.

Those tests include the follow tests that are relevant to the Bernese Mountain Dog

- Von Willebrand Disease Type I (VWF)

- Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A)

- Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1B)

Stud Work & Fees

Our stud dogs are available to a select few bitches each year so i advise that you get booked in ahead of time - it is rare that we can accommodate last minute matings but please call to discuss.

I ask that all breeders ensure that all relevant health tests have been completed on your bitch before getting in touch with us.   We will only support / work with ethical and like minded breeders so therefore will not accommodate any standard sized dogs that are not hip scored or DNA tested.  If you do need any help with this we are happy to advise.

All of our stud dogs are UK Kennel Club registered without restrictions so please do get in touch to discuss COI % for possible pure breed litters.

Stud fees are as follows: 

Bailey - Golden Retriever £750

Mufasa - Standard Poodle £800

Digby - Bernese Mountain Dog £1750

Simba - F1b Goldendoodle £800 ( plans to be available from early 2023

Yogi - No plans to be available at public stud

Mowgli - No plans to be available at public stud

and are payable on first visit should we achieve a mating - slip matings are considered successful mating and a payment would be expected.  You will be invited back for a second mating, we will be very flexible with this and work with you to ensure that we have done our best to achieve a pregnancy.

Our dogs are all very tolerant of our visitng guests and we expect the same behaviour from your bitches.  We reserve the right to refuse working with aggressive dogs.  We will never agree to using a muzzle during matings.

You will be issued with a receipt for the mating and will be expected sign a stud fee contract - this can be emailed across before making a decision as to whether you would like to use our stud.

A successful mating that fails to result in a pregnancy will allow for a free return on the same bitch on her very next season.  This return will only be permitted with the same bitch (microchip numbers will be taken and checked).  We will never refund a stud fee.

Please do message me using the link below for futher details and bookings.

Skenasdoodles Stud dogs, our boys are all Kennel Club registered without breeding restrictions.  They have been health tested to meet Kennel Club requirements for their breed (details below).

Our dogs are not over worked and live a happy home life with us exploring the fields and beaches, they have exceptional temperaments and have been reared, loved, lead trained and well socliased by our family and friends.


Our younger boys

Simba, f1b Furnished Goldendoodle

Yogi, Miniature Poodle

Mowgli, Standard Poodle

All three boys will hopefully enter our breeding programme once they are fully health tested and old enough to do so.


​is our four year old Golden Retriever.

Hip score 3/3=6

Elbow score of 0/0=0

Tested 'clear' for GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2 & MD
BVA eye tested 'clear'