We came across Lisa through our neighbour and got Oonagh our Standard Poodle from her. Lisa is an outstanding breeder with fantastic aftercare. Having owned a poodle before I can say that Lisa's are of a very high standard (no pun intended!) , and Elsa and Django's puppies seem to possess the best of poodle traits and Oonagh is highly affectionate. Lisa seems to always be available to help, however small the issue. She has been incredibly helpful with looking after Oonagh at short notice as we have had a few unexpected needs since getting her. Oonagh loves going back, a testament to Lisa's relationships with dogs. Personally I wouldn't consider any other breeder. I feel we are part of something having got our beautiful girl from Lisa, and that is down to her efforts to create a community of owners through social media. All of her recommendations in regard to food, behaviour and even the best groomer to use have been faultless.

​(Ingrid & Paul)

We picked up our lovely Bonnie on the day we met her. Normally this is not the way to do it, but I knew through Lisa's Facebook group and from speaking to her that these pups were well bred, well raised and well loved!
And how right I was! Bonnie is such an excellent addition to our family it's like she's always been here! She came to us pretty much house trained and soooooo loving and chilled out that to train her was just a breeze. 
Lisa is the kindest most caring breeder I've ever met. If she thinks a dog is not right for a family she won't let them go with them. 
She is always there to answer owners questions no matter how "silly" they may seem EVEN if they are about non skenasdoodle dogs! 
Great dogs, great family, fantastic breeders xxx

(Lisa, Brighton)

We met our poodle at Lisa's exactly a year after loosing our beloved Standard at 15.5 years.  I found the meeting emotional as i hadn't seen a litter of Poodles since first meeting Gracie all those years ago.

Lisa was so kind and understanding, and made us feel that there couldn't be any better people than us to have our chosen puppy.  This meant a lot to us, that she recognised that we are the type of people who treat a dog as so much more than a pet.

Fab, Fab, Fab our puppy is just amazing in every way.  We had to wait seven months for her but she was so worth the wait.  She has slept through the night from day one and has been dry too!  We have owned dogs for years but Lisa exceeded all of our expectations of her as our breeder.  We know that she is there for us whenever we have any questions.

A Skenasdoodles puppy is worth the wait for sure, our baby completes our family.


Found Lisa by pure chance, bought Louie the Goldendoodle, now two years old, beautiful dog, not a nasty bone in his body.  18 months later we got Amber the clumberdoodle again a delightful dog.  So much information comes with the dogs and the facebook page in invaluable.  We would thoroughly recommend Lisa, she cares.

(Shirley, Whitstable)

We have owned a Skenasdoodle Goldendoodle for almost three years now.  He is just amazing.

Lisa just ticks all the boxes, her care whilst rearing the puppies is exceptional and all I can say is that her aftercare is spot on - i know that she is just a phone call away if i am every concerned, or just have a dog related question I can always contact her - her response is always professional, caring and she always responds promptly no matter what.

We are so very happy that we found our breeder in Lisa - we will be back for a second puppy for sure!


I was recommended Lisa by another breeder.  Lisa called and asked lots of questions and gave information to help us decide.  Before our puppy arrived Lisa sent regular updates and photos.  When we brought Henry home he was a very happy content puppy who was clearly well socialised.  He's got a gentle and very happy boy who loves a cuddle which clearly has been helped by his great care as a puppy.

Cant recommend Lisa enough

(Kerry, Scotland)

​Buyers Beware!

Lisa does not raise pets, she raises family members! Her Puppies are addictive, so cute, so fun, you won't be able to resist and most buyers come back for a second one! When you know the heartache of poorly bred dogs Lisa is a champion of healthy breeding - food, health tests, socialising, she pays an incredible amount of attention to details that ensure that the companion you get is a healthy happy pup. Our Ziggy a clumber doodle arrived 9 months ago and she is a joy. Our family personally thank Lisa for all her care in raising such a delightful pup.


Buying a dog from Skenasdoodles has been a joy.  The training and love that Lisa and her team put into these puppies makes them have such good standards to start their journey.

Getting a new puppy is daunting and in those first weeks Lisa has guided our family with useful advice and tips.  I would recommend Skenasdoodles 100% to anyone who wants a goldendoodle.  The wait is so worth it, there is a reason for that long wait and it is because you get the best dog ever.  Boris has changed our lives in a couple of weeks for the better.  Thank you Skenasdoodles xx


Found Lisa via Facebook and can highly recommend buying a puppy from her. She clearly knows everything about everything there is to know about dogs and is always happy to answer any queries or worries you may have. We bought 'Nala' our Clumberdoodle and she is now 9 months old. She is an absolute joy as are all of her puppies judging by the regular updates about them on Facebook. Lisa is just wonderful and when we collected Nala she made us very welcome and gave us a great information booklet as well as lots of other useful doggy things! All in all I wouldn't go anywhere else for a puppy!



We would totally recommend Lisa!!

Gorgeous puppies!

Genuinely caring breeder.


The most loving breeder I have ever spoken to, Lisa cares so much abour her puppies - finding the right home for them is so important to her. 

Her adult dogs are all exceptionally friendly, they are all very healthly, well exercised and have clearly been socialised well during their younger years.

Our puppy came to our home a very happy, healthy confident ball of fun!

Having now bought a dog from Lisa I would not go anywhere else.  I hope to add a second Skenasdoodles puppy to our family in the next year or so. (Kate)

We got Lulu, a F1b Goldendoodle (Stella and Django puppy) 2yrs ago to be my assistant dog she has been a great help to my family and me she is on her last stage of training to be fully qualified and is very smart and picks up lots of new things every day, she always makes people turnaround and watch her as she goes about her work and I wouldn’t be without her. Lisa is very helpful and goes that extra mile, while making sure her puppies and her older dogs are well cared for and are happy, the dogs get to go to the beach which not a lot of dog breeders would even think of. If you get a dog from her you will not be sorry.