If you love the smaller poodle cross breed, you will absolutely be blown away by these puppies! 

This is such a lovely combination of the breeds put into one pup to make the most happy, social puppies with the cutest wagging tails ❤️

Health and temperament is always our top priority, amazing parents is an absolute must for The Skenasdoodles breeding programme. 

Coat types will be similar to that of any other poodle cross and will differ slightly between puppies as with all of our litters, as breeders we would never say non-moulting when it comes to a cross breed but these puppies will have minimal to zero shedding.

Schnoodles, Schnockerpoos and Schnauzer puppies bred in the UK mostly have a wire coat.  We don’t tend to have mega coated lines here so this is very exciting for us as breeders. 

The mixing of different bloodlines generally result in a healthier, more vigorous puppy, with a reduced chance of genetic disease. 


Here at Skenasdoodles we are lucky enough to have both the Schnocker and the Schnauzer breed living with us.  What fun loving girls they are too.

Our KC registered Miniature Poodle Yogi is not related to our girls and so will sire our litters going forwards.  Yogi rarely barks and has a very nice calm nature about him.

​Lani (pictured right) is a beautiful Sable Parti Mega Coated Schnocker puppy from beautiful examples of the schnauzer and the show cocker as parents.  Lani comes from fully health tested KC registered parents (imported lines).

Dotty (pictured middle) is a stunning black & white parti KC registered Schnauzer.  She has the sweetest nature and is our Lani's mum!

​Our Dotty has a mega coat which enables us to breed puppies with lovely soft curls rather than the more common wire coat types of the Schnauzer which is more available in the UK.

The  Schnoodle & Schnockerpoo


These puppies will have intelligence from the Poodle.  The Schnockerpoo get their sturdiness from the Cocker Spaniel, and both breeds are very loyal which comes from the Schnauzer. 

We expect them to have full, wavy, doodle coats.

Coat colours will come in a variety of solid colors, parti, phantom, sable, brindle.  

Size can be influenced by either parent and combination but we do not expect to see heights above 17inches to the withers

The Schnockerpoo is known for its wonderful disposition, high intelligence and curiosity, devoted loyalty, as well as for the hypoallergenic characteristics of little to no dander, shedding or odour.  

These breeds are easily trained and have an amazingly forgiving nature which makes them amazing with understanding children of all ages. 

As a breed they are very people oriented, outgoing, playful and happy dogs. Their playful personality appeals to young and old alike.

Although there is no proven research, they are quite healthy benefiting from gene mixing and avoiding many of the hereditary health problems Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Schnauzers are known to have. As a result of the hybrid vigor, they can live up to 15 years with good health.

As with most doodles they will require regular grooming. They should be professionally groomed every 8-12 weeks to keep the hair from matting. Regular brushing will keep the coat clean and tangle free.

Why a Schnauzer cross?