Our pricing, processes and other useful information

​We should at this point make you aware that many of our owners do have to wait six months to a year before we would have a puppy availabile to them - this is mainly down to the fact that we do not overbreed our adult girls - we understand that this is a long time to wait to bring home your new family member but we hope that a Skenasdoodles puppy is well worth the wait - of course things can change so this is only a guide.

Our Puppies:

We use the standard poodle and so these dogs are approx 22-25in to the shoulder in height.  Their adult weights are generally between 22kg and 32kg. this is of course dependent on generation and parents.  Male dogs are generally heavier built but this rule is not set in stone so we do of course breed larger females and smaller males - all puppies are unique in their make-up but this is something that we would be able to guide you on during your visit.

The price of our puppies will be announced with each litter.  We will continue to monitor pricing and will always aim to price sensibly but do ask that our owners consider this costs that go into rearing a fully health tested puppy.

Included in the price are the following:

🐾 Vet check at eight weeks of age

🐾 First vaccinations at time of vet check should you wish us to vaccinate the puppy at that time using the Nobivac vaccinations (DHP & Lepto2).

🐾 Microchipped and registered in your name on the day of collection (no further payment necessary)

🐾 Four weeks free insurance through the microchip company

🐾 Scent blanket and toy to help puppy settle into their new home 

🐾 Puppy pack containing lots of useful items to get you started, such as poo sacks, whisle, ball, bowl, treats and a toy

🐾 15kg sack of grain free food that your puppy will have been weaned onto (will last approx four/five weeks)

🐾 Grain free treats suitable for puppy’s delicate tummy to help you with early training 

🐾 Information booklet to help you with your new arrival, tips on items to buy and thing to consider in the early days

🐾 ‘PET ONLY'  contract unless you specify that you wish to breed in the future (it is extremely important to let us know before leaving a deposit that you have intentions to breed on - we would then advise on best combination of parents and puppy and change our contract to a breeding contract. 

All puppies that leave here for breeding are subject to a further fee of £1000 - this will include all paperwork such as DNA health test results for parents, pedigree and written confirmation from ourselves to say that we will lift any restrictions once the health tests have been completed with good results).

🐾 Life time of support and advice via our closed Facebook group as well as us being available on the phone should need be.

We work extremely hard to prepare our puppies for the big wide world.  They are well socialised with adults, children, adult dogs, cats, younger children, household noises, outside space and will have been in the car.  We also begin whistle training from the point of weaning which has proven to be a great start for the ‘recall’ of your puppy. 

All puppies leave here just over eight weeks of age having just had their first one-on-one puppy pamper session - another 'first' experience that we think will help to set them up for their future.

We will honor holidays that are booked but must stress that we will only keep a puppy back for one week past their leaving date.  All holidays must be discussed prior to your visit day when deposits are taken.  Holidays that are disclosed after this time may result in you loosing both puppy and your initial deposit.

Our Parents
The majority of our matings are between our own dogs, we own both parents and they would be here when you visit to meet your puppy.  On the odd occassion we will use an outside stud, this would normally be when we wish to bring some new blood lines to our our breeding programme so it is not very often.  

All of our parents are fully health tested to meet the kennel club expectations within their breeds.

We hip and Elbow all Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs, Bernedoodles and Goldendoodle parents, we hip score all of our Standard Poodles.

Securing the puppy of your choice

We do not take any deposit from you until we have a puppy available to you. 

Once we have a litter and have made it through the first few crucial days we will make contact with families.  At this point should the litter interest you we will request a £250 holding fee (via bank transfer) from you which will secure your place in the diary to come and meet our puppies at approx four weeks of age.

When you come to visit our puppies at four week of age you will be able to spend time with them and ask all the questions you need to ask - we allocate a two hour time slot in our diary for this visit in order to give you time to meet our puppies, parents and sometimes some of our other nosey dogs!!  Should you be happy you will be able to secure the puppy of your choice with a further £500 - this will make up the £750 non-refundable deposit for your puppy.  If on visiting day you do not find that our puppies are right for you, your £250 holding fee will be returned to you via a bank transfer.  Any cancellations before your visit day will result in you loosing your £250 holding fee.

The outstanding balance will need to be paid when the puppy is eight weeks of age or prior to you taking the puppy away with you.  This balance is also required to be paid on this date if you have a holiday booked and we are keeping your puppy for longer.  We do not accept personal cheques, payment should be in cash or bank transfer only.

We will invite you to join our closed group on facebook which is called 'skenasdoodles' you will be able to follow the daily updates on our gang and puppies so that you an watch your puppy grow and experience new things.  

Owners that do not have facebook will expect to receive regular updates on their puppy via email and whatsapp.

We do not encourage extra visits from our owners for three valid reasons - the first is that we are working eceptionally hard to ensure that you collect a well rounded puppy from us so would prefer not to be arranging extra visits but spending our time focussing on the puppies and their new experiences and skills.

Secondly, the health of our puppies is paramount to us so we work extremely hard to ensure that we keep our puppy environment free from bacteria and disease, we are particularly careful with cleanliness so limit the freeflow of human and canine traffic within our home during puppy times.

And lastly this is our home, we are not a commercial setup and we as a family lead a normal life just like everyone else - for this reason we schedule visiting weekends in our diary for our new puppy owners and are not open to the general public at any other time.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of how we do things but i would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Please do contact me through this website contact form or email me on